6 Benefits of a Peer Network

The importance of networking in the lives of professionals cannot be emphasized enough. Research has shown that 85% of roles has been filled through networking according to professional networking statistics.

Networking opens professionals up to a plethora of opportunities that help them achieve their goals and advance their careers.

This is even more important for those who are on the already lonely, roller coaster road of entrepreneurship. 

A reliable network of start-up founders can be a source of the knowledge, resources, referrals and exposure needed to take you and your startup to the next-level, and also the source of the emotional support needed to keep you going when it gets tough.

It is worth mentioning that the goal of building a peer network is not to take, but to give.

Building a peer network is about forming long-term relationships and a good reputation over time and it has the following benefits.

Share challenges and successes

It is no mistake that humans started forming tribes. 

Challenges are easier to overcome with the support and counsel of people who you not only trust, but who may have experienced the same thing or know someone who has. Triumphs also feel more satisfying when you celebrate with people who truly understand the value of the strides you’ve made.

No one will understand the full range of motions and emotions associated with building a start-up more than someone who is building or has succeeded in building one.

Valuable Feedback

Nothing beats having somewhere to get honest and reliable feedback on what you are doing. This helps to minimize the amount of time spent on doing unproductive things.

A good peer network gives you the opportunity to get honest advice quickly from people whose judgements you can rely on.

Supercharge your energy

Hearing words of encouragement, success stories and knowing you are not alone can have a profound impact on your levels of focus and enthusiasm to face the challenge which is, building a successful business.

Knowing you have peers you can share your wins and challenges with helps to improve your energy levels by eliminating the feeling of isolation.

Improved Confidence

Your confidence levels will get a massive boost from being part of a tribe where you can be yourself and share freely without being judged. A tribe where you are understood because other members of the tribe have walked or are walking the same path.

The bliss that comes with being in a place where the people genuinely want to listen to you, talk to you and want you to succeed is surreal.

New Ideas and Insights

In a society where strategies, technologies and solutions can become obsolete real fast, where what worked today can be an utter fail tomorrow, having a network that constantly exposes you to what is working and draws your attention to what no longer flies is an invaluable asset that could be the difference between you being ahead of the competition or not.


From hiring, to raising capital, to getting press, to building an advisory board, you and your start-up stand a better chance at finding what you are looking for through referrals as opposed to using cold mails.

A peer network allows you to leverage the existing network of your peers to find solutions to your startup’s problem.

In conclusion, the most important benefit of having a peer network is having a peer network – a place where you can share and build genuine, long-lasting relationships.

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