Klaviyo vs Mailchimp

Email marketing is a vital digital advertising technique for any business. It’s a great way to not just try to reach out to new customers but also improve customer retention. Successful email marketing requires the right tools, and there are several email marketing options out there for startups to consider. MailChimp is one of the most recognisable names, but there are other possibilities too. Klaviyo is another popular email marketing solution that offers you a variety of features and functions. Let’s take a look at how MailChimp and Klaviyo compare with each other, and which one might be better for your business.


Price is often the first thing that people look at when choosing a new solution for their business. However, it’s important to remember that the cheapest option isn’t always the best one to choose. MailChimp has prices starting from $10, with monthly payment options, although there is also a free option with their New Business Plan. If you want to move on from the $10 Growing Business Plan, the next option is the Pro Marketer Plan at $199 per month. Klaviyo has more price points, starting with a free option for up to 10 contacts, plus five plans starting at $25 a month for 300 contacts up to $700 per month for 46,000 contacts.


MailChimp has a broad selection of email tools that are ideal for any business getting started with email marketing. They include email templates and designer, A/B testing, social sharing and reports, among a variety of other features. Klaviyo offers features that can bring more to your business if you’re ready to move on from what MailChimp offers. For example, powerful segmentation, Facebook advertising, ROI-based reporting and real-time tracking are available. Both solutions have a comprehensive range of features, although Klaviyo is more in-depth.


Being able to integrate your email marketing tool with other software is important. MailChimp features integrations including Microsoft Power BI, WordPress, Magento, Facebook and Twitter, Salesforce and Shopify, among many others. Klaviyo is an open API system so many applications and systems can be connected. These include Magento, Facebook, Eventbrite, Salesforce and WooCommerce.


Remember to check that the solution you choose is compatible with the devices that your company and staff use. MailChimp is available on Windows, Android, Apple iOS, Mac and has a web-based option. Meanwhile, Klaviyo is also available on Linux but lacks mobile options.

Support and Customer Service

Both MailChimp and Klaviyo provide different ways to receive support when you need it. MailChimp offer email, phone and ticket support, as well as training in how to use their tools. Klaviyo has email and phone support, but does not use a ticket system. However, Klaviyo does offer live support so that you can receive support online straight away, without having to wait on the phone or for a reply to your email.

MailChimp is an excellent email marketing tool for your startup to get started with. However, you might consider using Klaviyo if you want to move on to another solution with different features.