Email Tools

Do you manage a modern business and want to increase your sales by reaching prospective clients from your target market? Even in 2019, the tried and tested method of email marketing could be the answer to your problems. As such, incorporating this tool in a winning fashion should be top of your marketing agenda.

If you are going to take email marketing seriously, though, it’s imperative that you find the right email marketing services for your need. This guide will help you make a calculated decision.

The Importance Of Email Marketing In 2019

The world of digital marketing has undergone huge evolutions as influencer marketing, social media, and other strategies have all entered the playing field. Nonetheless, email marketing remains one of the most effective solutions for any modern business. In fact, statistics show that email marketing endeavors garner an average ROI of over 4000%!

At its best, email marketing is personal, purposeful, and targeted. Moreover, the fact that the average user checks their email inbox several times each day makes this tool one of the best ways to keep the brand fresh in the consumer’s mind. When supported by the other digital marketing strategies such as PPC and banner ads, the impacts can take your sales revenue to a whole new level.

Finding The Perfect Email Marketing Services In 2019

Email marketing is big business, but you cannot afford to rely on the standard platform offered by your web host or email inbox. Choosing the right email marketing software brings many benefits. It will allow you to create far more attractive emails through the use of templates and the addition of media and other features. More importantly, it’s the best way to guarantee that emails will actually get delivered without landing in the recipient’s spam folders.

There are many professional options out there, but some platforms are naturally better than others. Here are seven of the best on the market:

  • AWeber
  • Constant Contact
  • ConvertKit
  • Drip
  • GetResponse
  • MailChimp
  • SendinBlue

Let’s take a closer look at each of them below.


AWeber is one of the longest running email marketing services on the web, and has established its name as one of the most powerful and reliable options available. Thousands of small-to-mid-sized companies use it on a daily basis, embracing a range of tools to create excellent email campaigns.

The email templates make it easy to create stunning designs with great navigation while list management and email tracking are great features too. The autoresponder allows you to move to correspondence to the next phase without eating away at your productivity. Detailed analytics are also of note.

With easy integration to the majority of popular website builders too, this is a great candidate for all website owners.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an incredibly popular solution due to its user-friendly interface that makes email marketing services accessible to all business owners. Managing email lists, templates, marketing calendars, and customer details could not be simpler.

The software can be integrated with social media channels like Facebook, as well as eCommerce platforms like Shopify, while a range of analytical tools make it easy to review the current strategies and make any necessary changes. This includes utilizing an A/B subject line process to find the most effective option.

With email automation, surveys and polls, coupons, and online donations all included too, this truly is a fantastic option.


ConvertKit is a powerful email marketing services platform that can be considered a great all-rounder for eCommerce sites and bloggers alike. The advanced autoresponse feature is particularly pleasing, not least because studies show that consumers often need 7 emails before making a purchase.

The intelligent system also allows you to quickly segregate your audience into groups, based on their backgrounds or purchase histories. This ensures that all emails are relevant, which is incredibly important if you want to avoid the threat of having clients block your communications.

It’s a platform that allows for truly stunning aesthetic designs that include images and other media types too, making it particularly suited to creatives.


Drip prides itself on providing a highly personalized email marketing service while also utilizing automation for a convenient and stress-free approach to email marketing. This is achieved through key features such as its smarter email segmenting, list groups, and a visual workflow builder.

Using this platform enables businesses and marketing teams to connect with the existing and prospective clients in a highly engaging manner. It can be integrated easily with eCommerce sites created on WordPress and WooCommerce, making it an ideal solution for website owners in this environment.

Best of all, Drip offers a free service for users with lists of 100 recipients or under.


GetResponse is another popular solution aimed to provide beginners with the opportunity to create great marketing campaigns off the bat through a simple drop and drag platform. However, it is popular with experienced small-to-mid-sized companies too, due to the array of features and convenient approach to email marketing.

The use of automation allows you to create effective marketing streams that take customers from the first correspondence towards a sale. It’s easy to set up multiple campaigns and group recipients as per their transaction histories or the sign-up form that they used.

It can be used alongside Google Docs, Zen Desk, and other third-party lead generation platforms. So, it’s particularly good for companies that already use these.


MailChimp is one of the best-known services on the market, not least because their beginning services are free forever. It can be integrated with Shopify, WordPress, and Magenta among other popular website builders as well as social media channels.

The ability to separate users into groups and set email deliveries based on timezones is supported by a range of analytical tools. However, it’s the user-friendly email builder and use of auto responding emails that makes it a winner from the outset. Automation is a little restricted compared to others, but this is ideal if yours is a small venture that wants to provide a personal touch for high conversions.

MailChimp is used by millions of users and is one of the most reliable services in terms of getting emails delivered correctly.


SendinBlue is one of the fastest growing email marketing services on the market. The main reason for this is that they don’t just target email marketing, but additionally offer SMS services. Given the importance of mobile marketing in the modern business world, this is a key selling point for the company.

The drag and drop facility makes the design process particularly user-friendly while the intelligence also learns to send emails at the most effective times, which also separates users by time zones. Clients can also be grouped based on a range of criteria points.

From transactional emails to effective email workflows and SMS campaigns, SendinBlue is an ideal solution.

The Final Word

There is no single right or wrong answer when picking a professional email marketing service, but the seven mentioned above are all great options. Take the time to trial each of them until you find one that works for your personal requirements, and your digital marketing strategies will be instantly transformed for the better.