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A startup well placed for the contactless world – Meet Arthur and Parcel Tracker.

In this week’s members interview we meet Arthur Zargaryan founder of Parcel Tracker.

In this week’s interview we talk to Arthur and his company Parcel Tracker. Parcel tracker solves the key problem of internal parcel tracking and management. A simple solution, the application scans parcels automatically detecting the correct tenant in a building. From their building residents are sent a notification and the app takes a signature to secure the process.

The product, as so many good SaaS solutions are, was envisaged as a time saver for building management and it does that well. The lockdown period has also put a spotlight on solutions that minimise contact between people and Parcel Tracker fits neatly into this pot, with software updates that maximise the contactless element of the product. With ever increasing numbers of parcels being delivered to buildings with multiple occupants and pressure to ensure a more contactless experience, Parcel Tracker are well placed for the future.

How did parcel tracker start?

Arthur met his co-founder Luca whilst studying computer science at King’s College London. Joining the colleges accelerator programme they brought on Alan and the rest as they say is history. The idea for Parcel Tracker came when they noticed how much time was spent at their student accommodation managing packages. Further investigation led to the realisation that managing these parcels was somewhat of a nightmare in co-working offices, residential and commercial buildings. The accelerator gave the team access to much needed funding but more than that access to experience. Without this Arthur admits they wouldn’t be where they are today.

From the Eiffel Tower to student housing.

Like a lot of start-ups getting the first customer proved difficult. But this didn’t stop the team at Parcel Track. From branded M&M’s sent to clients to trips up the Eiffel Tower whilst in Paris to pitch Y combinator the team have been laser focussed on business growth. Once the first customer came it opened the floodgates. What I admire about their journey is how they’ve not be afraid to try things, some of it’s worked some if it hasn’t but it’s a great lesson for any start-up. Have a go. Read more about Arthurs M&M exploits here.

It’s also a lesson in messaging Parcel Track have worked super hard to get this right, describing their business simply and effectively.

Nail your messaging.

Parcel Track

The funding journey.

The team are currently raising for their next stage of growth. In all likelyhood they’ll be tapping into their existing networks via their accelerator connections and their wider networks.

This in and of itself highlights the value of being connected to a range of angels via accelerators. I have no doubt Parcel Track will hit their goals. Once secured it’s all about growth for Parcel Track with new hires earmarked in sales and marketing plus in their core development team.

The details

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