Decksender member interview – meet Bernie and telbee

In this week’s interview we talk to Bernie Klein co-founder of telbee.

I love the story behind the idea that seeded telbee. Founder Nico sitting in Hyde Park getting stung by a bee whilst pondering how technology and businesses had lost their human touch. This led to the development of the idea to develop a product which would put the human touch back into customer communications and telbee was born. Telbee allows customers to record a voice message which is instantly relayed to your team. Rather than messing around with chatbots and contact forms a customer can record what they want to say to you and you can reply. It’s a great idea and here is their story.

How did telbee start?

Telbee provide voice messaging on websites to help businesses build a more human relationship with their customers. Founded by Bernie’s colleague Nicholas Phair, who met Bernie at Insead business school, with both committed to developing products that actively made a difference in people’s lives.

Telbee was founded in 2019, with the product being launched in July of this year. The first few months were spent developing the product and then 2020 was all about gearing for launch. The launch of telbee was highly successful resulting in the product being voted product of the day on product hunt.

The telbee team currently runs to 10 with various other experts in the wings when needed mainly on the technical side. Prior to lockdown the business was mostly remote they’re now full remote so not a great deal has changed.

The Covid question is very different given telbee were launched during lockdown, so proof positive the world is still turning. If anything Covid experience has been of benefit to a company like telbee who are providing new methods of communication for customers.

The funding journey

Like a lot of us telbee was started on the back of a friends and family round which has allowed the team to successfully launch. Next on the agenda is a further raise to take telbee through to a more formal fund raise in 2021. The latest round will allow the team to truly demonstrate the product market fit. The current raise is aimed at angle investors and early stage VC’s as well as follow-on from existing investors. The team have been actively engaging with investors through Decksender which is always awesome to hear!

The details

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