Experiment: Startup Intros

Startups are a little bit like bees. They are busy getting on with making the honey, they sometimes don’t see what other bees are doing. Sometimes when they are made aware of others bees – they collaborate and communicate.

OK – I don’t know for sure that’s what they do, I just really like the picture.

Decksender sees all decks

Riddle: What everything doesn’t see everything else?



Answer: Decksender

We see loads of decks come through and almost none of the startups know each other nor know of each other. Yet we see so much similar in various startups. They may share stage, sectors, tech, location and even have very similar concepts. We see them all and the similarities, so maybe they should too and maybe some magic can happen?

Helping serendipity

So our experiment will center on inviting some startups (basically the ones with the most similarities) to participate in the experiment. If they agree, we’ll send them a calendar link to book a call with each other (we’ll do this so we can get a notification that the conversation happens and get some feedback too).

We don’t know what will happen, but we hope these kind of things will:

Collaboration on their idea?

Sharing learning

Emerge a whole new/better idea they can both build and raise for (if appropriate) – better to win together than lose individually, no?

We’ll be rolling this out, after a few tweaks to the serendipity engine early week commencing July 12. Stay tuned.

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