Happy New Year from Decksender

Happy New Year from Decksender

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It’s finally over. 2020 was the year that kept on giving, for all the wrong reasons, but we’ve made it to the end. We’re a cup half full bunch at Decksender so we look ahead to 2021 with a big chunk of optimism, after all it couldn’t be any worse!

A lot has happened this year, which is kind of stating the obvious, with some highs and a whole bunch of lows. We’ve worked hard through the year to level up Decksender for both our start-up and investor communities and this culminated in the launch of our Enhanced Access services which you can learn about, here. We’ve also made a concerted effort to support everyone through this difficult period. The elephant in the room of course has been Covid. This has had a real impact on many of our members but on a positive note there have been some great stories of members pivoting to adapt to the new world we’re living in. Here’s just a snapshot.


Parcel Tracker


We interviewed the team at Parcel Tracker back in September. It was certainly a welcome relief to hear of a business who had embraced the new normal and where actively looking to capitalise on the move to contactless interactions. Amongst all the doom and gloom talking with the Parcel Tracker team showed us that there was certainly light at the end of the tunnel.

All about Angel Investors


The later half of 2020 was all about angel investors. How to find them, pitch them and what to do once you’d got a yes. Our series culminated in a brilliant video interview with Matthew Cushen of Worth Capital. I would highly recommend any founders who are looking to raise watch this as it provides a really great insight into how investors tick, what they look for and how you can work with them. Watch the video, here.

Investor stories


We also found time to interview Sam Simpson one of our amazing angel investors on Decksender. A really insightful interview where Sam shares his story and investment tips for budding angels out there, read more here.

 December revamp and new features
Probably the biggest thing that happened was right at the end of the year. We launched enhanced access features for both start-ups and investors. This was a direct result of feedback we’d received through th year from start-ups and investors looking for features that could speed up the process and kick in the supercharger. The all new features are particularly relvant for start-ups looking to move fast and for investors who need to boost deal flow. Head over to the platform to learn more. 

We also took the opportunity to refresh the look and feel of the whole platform, making it simpler and more intuitive for all users. We think it looks great but the proof is in the pudding so tell us what you think?

As ever with Decksender the mission doesn’t change, standard members still have all the features they’re used to and Decksender is still the best place to connect directly with the investors your business needs.

Enhance Access

Additional features for start-ups and investors looking to go further.

Enhanced access
 Looking ahead to 2021

After what can best be described as a difficult 12 months, understatement of the year, it feels like we can finally start to look forward. Vaccines are approved and it feels like we have a path out of this pandemic. Sadly that’s little consolation to many of the businesses who have felt the full effects of lockdown. So whilst we do look forward with a positive mindset we also spare a thought for all those businesses and the people who run them and work in them who have had the hardest of times. As a community Decksender is always there to support where we can, so if that’s you get in touch.

Let’s hope 2021 is as boring and uneventful as can be.


Happy New Year! 

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