About BGF

BGF go beyond the provision of capital and act as a partner through the lifecycle of a company's growth. We want you to stay in control of your business so we only take a minroty stake. Our balance sheet of £2.5bn allows us to offer you the long-term patient and flexible capital that your business deserves. 

What we offer

  • We only invest in UK and Irish businesses. If your business isn’t headquartered here, we won’t be able to help.
  • Initial investments typically range from £1m–£10m with significant follow-on funding provided to support further growth.
  • Businesses typically need a revenue run-rate of a minimum of £1m.

Who is in the team

  • - Partner

How much they invest

£1,000,000 to £10,000,000 at Series A, Series B and Growth stages.

What they invest in

  • Any Sector

Where they invest

They invest in startups based in Ireland and United Kingdom.

Contacting BGF

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