About Ignite

We help founders build incredible businesses all across the UK. 

Ignite supports founders from idea stage through to raising a Series A, helping you refine your concept, get traction, and build a scalable business. Throughout our programmes, we introduce you to experienced entrepreneurs who have been through the same journey as you, and who are willing to share their knowledge, network and experience to help you do more, faster.

Ignite portfolio companies have raised tens of millions in investment from top tier angels and VCs, including YCombinator, Underscore VC, Passion Capital, Balderton, Kindred, Episode 1 and many more. If you want to raise investment then our experience and network gives you an unfair advantage.

How much they invest

£15,000 to £40,000 at Seed stage.

What they invest in

  • Any Sector

Where they invest

They invest in startups based in Europe and United Kingdom.

Contacting Ignite

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