Invests between €500,000 and €1,500,000 at Series A and Seed rounds.

About OneRagtime

OneRagtime is the venture platform. We select the most innovative tech start-ups from across Europe and Israel and back them, leveraging our curated community of investors. In our unique VC as a platform model, our investors choose exactly which start-up they’d like to invest in and we take care of the entire process – market analysis, terms negotiation and dedicated vehicle creation. Diversify your portfolio and invest seamlessly!

What they invest in

They invest in Social Media, Transportation, Mobile, Software, Technology Driven Products, Security, SaaS, Marketplaces, Fintech, Enterprise Software, Enterprise Saas, Education, Digital Businesses, Digital, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Analytics and AI .

Where they invest

They invest in startups based in Europe, Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, Belgium and United Kingdom.

Contacting OneRagtime