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Project A Ventures

Invests between $50,000 and $2,000,000 at Series A and Seed rounds.

About Project A Ventures

Project A is an international venture capital firm based in Berlin.

We invest in passionate early-stage entrepreneurs and provide them with exclusive access to our team of 100 operational experts in areas such as Software Engineering, Marketing, Product, Design, Communications, Business Intelligence, Sales, and Talent Acquisition.

We believe that cutting-edge infrastructure, a data-driven approach, and a sustainable organizational setup are instrumental to the success of digital companies. And we know: it can be a long and hard journey to get there. Challenges are infinite and resources never feel sufficient – even with the best of teams. As entrepreneurs and operators we have experienced, how crucial it is to have access to the right support at the right time. That’s why we developed a new approach to venture capital: combining capital and in-depth operational support.

What they invest in

They invest in Digital, E-Commerce, IT and Marketplaces .

Where they invest

They are location agnostic.

Contacting Project A Ventures

Website: http://www.project-a.com