Rupert Barksfield

Angel Investor

About Rupert Barksfield

Update: Only interested in massive multiple opportunities, if the idea has the opportunity to 100x in 3-8 years that is our sweet spot.

I'm looking for early-stage technology start-ups, which believe they can potentially monopolise a big market. I broadly look at these two categories but happy to look outside.

  1. Frontier/Deep Technology including artificial intelligence, deep learning, computer vision, augmented reality/virtual reality, drones, robotics, quantum computing and space technology, amongst others.

  2. Transformative known technical solutions applied to laggard markets, including, next generation B2B SaaS (business to business software as a service) and market networks, amongst others. 

I particularly like to see Fintech, Crypto, Blockchain, Medtech, AR, VR, MR.

Who is in the team

  • - Team Member

Interested in...

  • Tech is based on blockchain/crypto (more..)
  • One or more of founding team have PhDs
  • Is willing to relocate (more..)
  • Is SEIS eligible (including Advanced approval) (more..)
  • Is Islamic/Halal Focused
  • Is EIS eligible (more..)
  • Is Commercialising Research (more..)
  • Has one or more Female Founder(s)
  • Has one or more BAME Founders (more..)
  • Gender balanced team
  • Customers are other businesses (B2B)
  • Customers are end consumers (B2C)

How much they invest

£5,000 to £500,000 at Seed and Series A .

What they invest in

  • Fintech
  • AI
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data
  • Digital Health
  • Medical Devices
  • Industry Agnostic
  • Scaleable Business Models
  • SaaS
  • Financial Services
  • Hardware

Where they invest

They invest in startups based in Oceania, Asia, Africa, Americas and Europe.

Contacting Rupert Barksfield

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