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Venture capital is synonymous with successful start-ups. Traditionally Venture Capital is the funding that sees start-ups with proven ideas get to the next level. At a global scale there isn’t a unicorn out there who hasn’t had venture capital investment to get where they are today. Often thought of as later stage investors venture capital investments are being seen earlier and earlier in company lifecycles in the search for bigger returns. Just like angel investors venture capital comes in all shapes and sizes with myriad different investing models, infrastructure and support to help your company succeed.

The big investor interview, Matthew Cushen of Worth Capital talks to Decksender

Watch our big investor interview with Matthew Cushen from Worth Capital, in it he shares insights into what makes good investments, how to be investor ready and what makes founders and teams stand out.

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We view both sides of the investment coin, looking at the pros and cons of angel investors vs VCs. Each plays a vital role in the start-up landscape, but understanding how they work and when to approach is vitally important to getting it right.

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