What not to do in a video pitch

What not to do in a video pitch!

We’re big believers in video pitches, it’s a great way to build meaningful connections with investors. But, there’s always a list of what not to do, and this is that list!

For every do there’s a don’t. Drawing many parallels with face-to-face presentations and for that matter even when you’re sending decks to investors there are always things to avoid.


Too much content


Don’t fall into the trap of going overboard with your content. That chase scene with the exploding car may look awesome but when you’re pitching b2b SaaS it’s probably overkill.

The same could be said for written content. Slides are often used in video pitches with graphics which is great. Video is a visual medium. But, use visuals, too much text on a screen won’t keep the viewer interested.


Lack of a real problem, and/or solution


The best-designed pitch deck or pitch video will be let down if there’s not a problem to solve. This is true of any pitch or business idea in general, no real problem, no real solution generally means no investor. It’s as simple as that.


Not demonstrating the product


Video gives you the perfect medium to demonstrate your product, whether it’s physical or software. A great product demo crystalises all the points you’ll have made. If your claiming ease of use is a key advantage, show people. Grab a look at last week’s blog, watch the Zenefits video. It’s a perfect example of a product demo.


Not showing your team’s strengths


Regardless of how you’re pitching, showing your team and particularly your team’s strengths is vital. For many early-stage ventures, investors are looking as much, if not more, at who you are and your ability to turn your idea into a business. 


Not telling a story


Everyone loves a story. Even investors. Failing to tell a story in a video pitch is a serious crime. In fact in any presentation ensuring you have a logical narrative, presenting yourselves as the hero is going to ring a chord with investors. There’s loads of great stuff on this, more here, we’ll write a blog on it also.


Good luck 

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