coronavirus survival guide for startups

A coronavirus survival guide for start-ups – part 1

Part 1 of our coronavirus survival guide for start-ups is an interview with growth company finance expert Aarish Shah.

Welcome to part 1 of our coronavirus survival guide for start-ups. I don’t think we need to dive into a detailed explanation of what’s going on right now. Covid-19 has spread across the world and is affecting us all in some way or another. Decksender’s Mike sums it up pretty well:

“This is not business as usual, to save yourself stress and grief recognise that things will be slow, people will be distracted, they may be worried. The tendency is to focus on work, resist that.

Don’t say ‘I know you are worried and concerned for your kids still in petri-dish schools and both your elderly parents have now got flu-like symptoms, so… about my pitch deck / invoice/ investment offer….’. This, of all times, is when you should NOT do that. Show compassion, connect as humans, demonstrate empathy.”

Mike Sutton, Decksender.

What’s this interview all about?

As founder of EmergeOne Aarish Shah makes a living helping growth companies with their financial management. In the interview he shares some practical advice on how best to cope in these challenging times.

As Aarish points out we all have difficult times ahead. The key is to not panic, be prudent and utilise all the support that’s available.

If you have questions for Aarish please drop a comment below and we’ll endeavour to get an answer for you.

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