coronavirus pulling communities together

Coronavirus, pulling communities together

Just over 10 days ago Mike put out a call for help, what followed is a remarkable story of a community pulling together in these unprecedented times.

Every single one of us will be affected by Covid-19. Whether it’s our health, our family, friends and of course our businesses. To combat this unprecedented threat Mike (Decksender‘s Co-Founder) put out a call for help to support the Decksender dev team. Why? So we could build an app that allows anyone, anywhere to self-report and self-isolate. The anonymous data collected is then shared with Governments and health professionals to help track the spread of the virus.

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To put this into context taking the UK as a measure at the point of having 5,000 identified cases it was estimated there were a further 50,000 people who already had the virus. The shortages in testing and the similarities in symptoms have made it very difficult to understand the scope of the outbreak. Put simply without this data the response will be limited in scope because decision makers aren’t playing with all the facts.

Most of us know how important data is in our decision making process and the team felt this was the best way they could help, turning our skills to a problem that we all have to deal with.

So this is meant to be a positive story?

Well it absolutely is. From Mike’s first request to help nearly 300 volunteers have come forward to offer their services in 30+ countries around the world. That kind of response in such a short time frame from people who also have their own worries is truly astounding.

Thank You Everyone!

The project is now at an advanced stage and ready to launch. Most of the work has been done in the last 7 days. Things like this really show us how strong the Decksender community is, especially as most are start-ups who will find the next few months tough.

It’s given everyone at Decksender a huge sense that we can, and will beat this. If we come together as people are doing all round the world our collective skills can do wonders.

To finish this post, if you’re out there pulling your hair out over the current situation , don’t. Get in touch and we’ll see how we can help.

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