cornavirus survival guide for start ups part 3

Coronavirus survival guide for start-ups. Part 3

An interview with Crowdcube’s Jonathan Keeling.

In this weeks guide we talk to Jonathan Keeling who heads up the partnerships team Crowdcube.

Some key takeaways from the interview

It’s never been a better time to connect with your investor audience. As Jonathan says most investors are just like you, sat in front of a computer at home. Get in touch you might find them strangely accessible.

It’s a great time to really evaluate if your businesses is right for funding under current circumstances. But, if you wait it’s worth starting the process early as a major rush is likely later in the year.

There is help out there!

Some resources

Crowdcube have also pulled together a petition for the UK government in the form of an open letter supported by the start-up community. It aims to encourage the government to support start-ups in the same way that France and Germany have done to ensure our thriving community remains.

Get involved here:

Find out more about Crowdcube’s initiative and access a host of free resource:

You can also reach out to Jonathan and his team directly at [email protected] if you have questions about fund raising right now.

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