Coronavirus survival guide for start-ups – part 2

Coronavirus survival guide for start-ups – part 2

In our second coronavirus survival guide for start-ups we interview AnYes Van Rhijn who discusses well-being and staying positive.

AnYes has specialised in well-being, coaching and mentoring for a number of years and she shares some of her insights and tips to stay positive, keep focused on your vision and keep things together during these difficult times.

Whilst everyone is rightly concerned about finances and how they will cope we believe that mental well-being is of equal importance. It’s incredibly easy to fall prey to the sense of fear sweeping the business community right now and the reason we we’re so keen for AnYes to share her experience with us.

Watch the Coronavirvus survival guide for start-ups, part 2 below.

A bit more about AnYes Van Rhijn

AnYes van Rhijn is on a mission to help women reach their full potential professionally and personally so that in doing so they can become role models for more women to do the same.
Known as The Reinvention Mentor, she helps female entrepreneurs and business owners, who feel stuck in their life and business, create the business that will sustain the life they desire. She helps them clarify the vision of what they want it to look like, build the confidence and mindset to dare go after it, create the successful and fulfilling business that is aligned with who they are and what is important to them, and, last but not least, implement the systems, tools, work-life balance and self-care that are needed to make it sustainable.
If you are ready to step in the driver’s seat and find out how she can help you do so, you can book a complimentary discovery consultation on her website:

She also is the Regional Director of The Athena Network – Central London region (UK’s leading female business network**) where she runs 7 groups (100+ members). Convinced of the power of networking she’s building a community of like-minded women who support each other and has the ambition to turn her region into Athena’s flagship region with 18 groups and 450 members by the end of 2022. She is launching her 8th group (Westminster) on April 23rd. To find out more about this launch you can express your interest here:

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