decksender meetup

Decksender meetup (virtual)

It feels like an age since we did the last Decksender meet-up. Back in the glory days when we could leave the house!

So in true Decksender fashion we aren’t going to let a little thing like lockdowns get in the way of a gathering…well virtual gathering at least. We’re planning on running the virtual meetup on the 28th or 29th May, with topics to be decided. Or we could just wing it and see how it goes.

Whatever happens we’ll leave it up to you guys, our fabulous community of startups and investors to decide, head over to the community area and you should see the meetups and a topic thread about this one. Drop your thoughts in a reply and let’s get some consensus.

When I started writing this post I thought maybe a bunch of coronavirus topics might be good for a Decksender meetup, financial matters etc etc. But, that just feels so out of touch, yeah I know it’s useful, but you’ve probably been knee deep in that kind of stuff for the last 8 weeks. So why don’t we do something that’s a bit more fun?

Some ideas:

  • Decksender quiz
  • Fireside chat with Mike, he’s got loads of great stories
  • Mad business ideas we’d be doing if we weren’t working on current project

If there’s anything else you can think of drop a note in the community. Our only goal is that these sessions are useful, fun and hopefully right now a welcome distraction.

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