May Decksender Roundup

May Decksender roundup

We don’t often do a Decksender roundup, but with everything going on right now we thought it was a good idea.

We’ll end the month with a lovely roundup for you all to scrutinise from now on and this is the first. There’s a lot going on with Decksender as we move from a tool to send decks to a fully fledged start-up ecosystem. We promise we won’t overuse the word ecosystem either.

So what’s been happening?

We managed to take in a lovely trip to Barnard Castle recently (see nice picture above), we’d heard good things. But I digress.

Hubspot for startups

We’ve become a full partner of the scheme which means Decksender members can now get their hands on some juicy discounts.

Stripe fee discount

No fees on $20,000 or Stripe transactions. Sounds good? Well as part of our Hubspot deal there are a ton of partner incentives and this is probably the best one.

More investors on the platform

We’ve been working hard to vet and add more investors to the platform so there’s even more people eager to read your decks.

Community experts

Our wily group of experts have been adding content to the community on all sorts of topics. If you’ve not seen it check it out here. There’s tax advice, money advice and marketing with more to come. If you’ve got a question or problem that needs solving don’t be shy just post something and they’ll be happy to help.

Auto-matching investors

This is a great new feature that’s perfect as we add more and more investors. It will automatically send decks to new investors that match the criteria.

What happened to the virtual meetup?

Well because of our trip to Barnard Castle we’ve had to push it back to next week. The likely date is June 4th, we’ll do an eventbrite or something and send it out on this weeks email.

What’s coming up in June?

Lots, keep coming back to the community it’s where everything will be happening from now on in. We’ll be adding loads of content, more investors and a host of new members perks.

To access all of the great stuff mentioned above just click below and head to the community pages.

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