Blog launch, founder & investor messaging and improved reviewing

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Welcome to the first edition our weekly “how we are doing’ posts, chronicling our experience of building DeckSender.

We aim to make a business release every week – this means product updates, new partnerships, user and customer interactions and much more – and we’ll share all the most interesting bits here.

The story so far…

  • Founders can sign up, create their startups and upload decks
  • Everyone can search for investors
  • Investors can sign up and claim their curated profile
  • Founders can search for matching investors, select them and send reviewed decks to them
  • Currently 713 active and curated investors and 168 startups.

Features released this week

  • Automatic deck reviews 
    Every uploaded deck is automatically routed to our Review Network for a very quick once-over. We check that it reasonably constitutes a pitch deck – not that it is good, accurate or will appeal to anyone!
  • Automatic investor profile review.
    Investors can sign up and are immediately set to inactive until our Review Network checks them out, to make sure they are bona-fide.
  • Saving investor searches
    Have a search that you are always using, now you can save it for ease. We’ll be automating this, so it triggers when matching investors sign up.
  • Basic Investor <> Founder messaging
    Founders can now directly receive the investor responses to their deck.
  • Usability improvements

Features planned for next week

  • Increased encryption and focus on security
  • Launch a new knowledge base for self-service help
    and free up the team from answering the same questions!
  • Move to new infrastructure
    room for growth.
  • Improved investor <> founder /startup matching
  • Matching based auto suggestions
  • Startup searching
    helping investors find startups they might invest in.

Lessons Learnt

  • We need to build investor trust
  • Go slow, to go fast
  • Don’t assume.

Thanks for keeping up. Comments and support below – ta!

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