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We have slowed down the public facing stuff as we are finding so many issues/opportunities that we need to sort/investigate. But every metric we track says Feb was a record month, but every month has been a record month:) We are not focussing on traffic or decks or number of VC’s on the platform at present due to so many new things being developed ( Mike has a long list ).

So far we have sent out over 11000 decks to investors. We have almost 800 investors on the platform with 200 of those quite engaged and replying to a large numbers of decks they get. Every day we get 3-10 new investors signup on the platform – signup form here. Every day we get 3-20 new decks added to the platform.

Our algorithm is now learning more and more about who the engaged investors are and we aim to send them more decks ( thus engaged investors will get more decks…seems fair to us ). We are also understanding more about what investors say they want and what they actually want, but we will need more data for that.

50% of our tarffic is UK based, 15-20% is US based and the rest comes in from every where. Our average bounce rate on the site is about 3%, with the average user being on the site for 5 minutes and viewing 10 pages.

For Investors:

  • we are collecting public source data about the startup and the founding team so you can understand more easily.
  • we are building a mobile app so that you can read decks when off line

For Founders:

  • We are creating a tools section to list all the tools we have found and many we have used.
  • General stuff

Mike is playing with AI to see if we can see any patterns in the data we have.


People have asked us many times why we are doing this and we have never really made it public, so I will try here:)

Humanity has many major issues to fix and soon.
We need more WOW people doing WOW things
Currently to raise finance a WOW person needs to know funding is possible, how to raise capital and then be able to get into the funding club.

The vast majority of people do not live in London ( UK focus sorry ), did not goto the best Universities, hence the pot of talent outside of these cirlces is huge.
Hopefully we can allow some of this hidden talent to meet the funding club.


Doug and Mike

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