100,00th deck

We’ve sent our 100,000th deck.

The 4th of July will forever be a special date in our hearts, the day we sent our 100,000th investment deck!!

How many whoop, whoops can you get in a post before it gets tiring? Let’s find out.

On a more serious note we are amazingly proud to have sent out our 100,000th deck. Decksender started in 2018 with an entirely remote team with members in the UK, Spain, India, Kenya and the Philippines. To this day Decksender has continued to be a distributed business albeit effectively a not for profit one.

How did Decksender come to be?

Launched by veteran angel investor and serial entrepreneur, Doug Scott and technologist Mike Sutton – Decksender was born out of an irreverent desire to break down the barriers of homogeneous networks of investors  – especially in the venture capitalist sector – that are pervasive in the global startup ecosystem. 

Whilst the state of affairs where a combination of gender, ethnicity, education seems to determine who got access to funding was not necessarily a deliberate one, it has become self fulfilling and results in a limited variety of solutions to a very limited  number of problems. The team at Decksender believe this is both fundamentally unfair and , more importantly, disastrous for humanity. It means we are limiting the range of solutions to some very pressing problems in the world – for which we all pay a price, especially at a time when we must be exploring as many viable ideas as possible – regardless of where they come from.

So Mike and Doug built on their experience of the startup ecosystem to build a platform where anyone from anywhere in the world can access funding from anywhere else in the world without having to rely on who they knew.

Who uses Decksender?

With over 5,000 start-up businesses on the platform and 1,000 plus investors Decksender serves both sides of the start=up ecosystem. Decksender is more than just a glorified way to email a pitch deck. All submissions are vetted before intelligent matching, there’s also a thriving community, meet-ups (of the virtual variety right now) and a number of perks for users.

What’s next?

As we move through 2020 the next phase of Decksender will bring more expertise to the platform and members perks as more investors and start-ups.

We want Decksender to be synonymous with thriving new businesses a place where ideas can grow.

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