Building startups is hard.

Decksender makes finding investors a lot easier

We help startups find the right investors and send their pitch decks to them fast and for free.

So founders can focus on more important things.

Join hundreds of founders and investors on the easiest platform designed to democratize access to funding.

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How Decksender works

For Startups

For Investors

Setup Profile & Upload your Deck

Create a profile, confirm your email, tell us a little about your startup and upload your deck.

We will start to match you with investors right away.

Setup Profile & Get Verified

Create a profile, confirm your email, tell us a little about your investment criteria – what sectors, stages etc.

After a quick verification, you’ll be good to go.

Send Reviewed Deck To Investors You Select. For FREE!

After a quick review of your deck, you can send it to all the investors you select, including to an unlimited number that your startup is auto-matched with.

Discover Startups & Request Decks Or Just Wait!

Wait for decks to roll in or just request decks from startups you find on the platform or from the ones we automatch your investor profile with


Engage With Interested Investors

Once your deck is out to investors, you simply wait and engage with their feedback and request for a meeting. We take care of prodding them to respond!

Receive Decks And Engage With Great Startups

Respond to decks with a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ and some simple feedback. We help you engage with the ones you are interested in. Simple & drama-free.

Decksender is completely Free.

About Decksender

Founded by former investor and serial entrepreneur – Doug Scott and serial collaborator and builder of ideas – Mike Sutton. 

Decksender is based on the simple idea that by removing the barriers to funding, we can find and enable more of the overlooked ideas and innovation that can truly help the World through its most pressing challenges.

Decksender is part of a wider, ongoing mission to find and empower ‘wow’ founders – those on the fringes of the mainstream, who have interesting and different ways to connect the dots.