Home working fail. Part 1

The Instagram diaries.

This is a cautionary takle of what happens when you assume a social scheduling tool works like another social scheduling tool you’ve been using!

So who would have thought that some social tools still can’t link directly to Instagram. Not me that’s for sure. For anyone out there thinking they don’t I urge you to check out Hopper HQ or Later.com.

So basically i messed up and was merrily posting to Insta via our solution (i’m not going to name and shame). Not realising that because my phone wasn’t connected i wasn’t getting the post notifications. I mean seriously, what tool pushes a notification to your phone to then manually have to post. It’s 2020 for gods sake!!

So in case you wondered why our feed went quiet it’s because Decksenders marketing person is a donut.

Here’s the posts you missed. The good ones anyway.

See you on Instagram soon.

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