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Angel Investors

Angel investors, the life blood of early stage start-ups.

Without angel investors the start-up ecosystem would not be anything like the thriving business engine it is today. Angels of all shapes and sizes have been responsible for the early funding of some of the biggest companies in the world. Without them, Facebook, Google, Uber may never have come into being. It’s certainly fair to say that at the very start pre-seed rounds are almost invariably driven by angels who are prepared to take not just a punt with their cash, but invest their time and expertise into their investments. For start-ups what could be better than angel investor who can impart their experiences and mentor the team through the hardest part in any start-ups journey.

The big investor interview, Matthew Cushen of Worth Capital talks to Decksender

Watch our big investor interview with Matthew Cushen from Worth Capital, in it he shares insights into what makes good investments, how to be investor ready and what makes founders and teams stand out.

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